10 New Years Re-Solutions For Non-violent Rebellion

29 Dec

This is a good artilce and could give you some Ideas for your own new years Resoulutions.  This is the link to the artilce titled 10 New Years Re-Solutions For Non-violent Rebellion, and below is my opinion on each of the ideas listed in the article.

1. Buy Local Food: Yes, very important to purchase things locally.  Preferablly from a mom n pop market, farmers market or a co-op where you have a memembership and a voice in how the operation works.  I would expand upon that to make your purchases from a local small business as well as looking for items that are manufacutred in the USA…there used to be a saying in the 80’s  “Buy American the job you save could be your own.”

2. Become More Self-Sufficient:  Extremely important, why? well because, if something happens and you are there who is the first responder?… YOU are the first one there.  There are many skills that a person can learn and not only can you learn it for yourself, but anything you learn you can share with your friends, and family.  Sharing things with your family will allow you to be closer and create a cohearnt team that can handle any situation or have a greater creative input.

3. Get Healthier:  With the lie that is health care reform and the death panels that are to come, there will be limited services availible.  With that in mind being proactive in your health will prevent the need to visit the Doctors office, it will save you money and time away from things you want to do.  If you think about it, getting healthier will also help in acheiveing other new years goals… ie, purchasing locally grown organic foods, becoming more self sufficent…working out excersising, or other classes

4. Buy Silver and Gold: Although I would advocate having at least six months of expneses saved up in cash on hand.  I would put a good portion of resources into gold and or silver.  Regardless of what the dollar exchange rate is it is a tangable asset and a store of value.

5. Expose the Agenda: Do not be affraid to express you opinion.

6. Boycott: For the most part the more things you do for yourself especially from this list of ideas will be a way of boycotting the system as it were.  One of the best ways to boycott the way things are are how your conduct your business as we are system of consumption.  Use cash save cash pay cash…why… well if you use credit you may pay interest, maybe other fees, and the merchant also pays a fee of between 3-7% of the total transaction.  Thus the sytem profits from any transaction and it may take you years to repay.  Debit Cards….Not much better, yes you might pay for it instantly from your account and it is considered paid, but the merchant still has to pay the fees that are charged to them just as if it was a credit card purchased….The system still profits.  Save cash pay cash, if you save your cash for making the purchase, then you know you have the money to make the purchase, and once the purchase is made you have ownership of the item….the item is also purchased with cash which allows for the transaction to be private between yourself and the other party making the transaction…No third party involvement.

7. Local Politics: If you dont want to be envolved then you are accepting the way things are

8. Military refusal: Bring our men and women home.  Our military should be for use for defense not for police acctions or anything else outside our boarders.

9. Don’t Use Banks:

10. Tax Resistance:


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