2011W090.059-Posting of the Day

01 Mar

Holidays for Today: What happened this day


Andalusia Day Spain
Peace Memorial Day Taiwan

Run Down on Todays events:

I was looking up this day on one of the links above and today was the date in 1983 when the final episode of M*A*S*H aired.  For the most part it was a busy day so other then getting the links below I do not have much to comment on.

Interesting Links for this Day:

Creative Lighting: A vendor with LED lighting products, the had made an offer to readers for a discount.  I have not yet used them as a vendor but am considering them for future purchases.

A Bank Run Reality Check- from A good reporting from a bank employee working in the midwest about cash on had at a small branch bank.  Advice, to keep the minimum in any bank for savings.

Beyond the Bug out Bag: Good article on some different ideas in a bug out bag, also some good quotes at the bottom of the page for different news articles

Court Case warns EPA could own your land:  From world net Daily an article about a couple in Idaho in a fight over land use rights, they were attempting to contruct their home on their property, EPA causes trouble….Sounds like Agenda 21

Report on Obama quietly appoints Muslim Brotherhood to key posts:  This article reports on Obama appointing Muslim Brotherhood members to key positions in the Administiration.  Nothing to see here move along, this is no different then having Dual nationals running the DHS.

Is Barack  Obama About to Order the Military into Lybia?:  Robert Gates aready warned those in the Military to stay out of another Ground war, what do you think?

Signs of serious trouble at Irans Nuclear Station: It apears they are having some safety issues starting up there plant, from the sounds of it the construction of that plant which was started in the 1970s might be a shorter time span then what it takes to get anything done in the US

Gates warns Cadets about fighting any other ground wars:  Gates in his last address as the secretary of Defense spoke to cadets about the future and how they should avoid future ground war conflicts, and that they should expand there learning to areas not only in the military.  

Texas Demoprapher: ‘Its basicly over for the Anglos’“in Texas.”The Demopraphics in Texas are changing of the next number of years, they have already changed alot where Whites are begining to be the minorty to those individuals of Mexican Decent.

Goverment Promises to Cut Social are comming, make sure to put your house in order.  Reduce your debt, do upkeep on the things you have so that they last, eat healthy, and take care of yourself and your family.  Originally posted on the Activist Post.

Turning off the Tap- Population reduction through Designed Economic Colapse:


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