2011W1007.072-Posting of the Day

13 Mar

Holidays for Today: What happened this day

Revolutionary Attack on the Presidential Palace Cuba

 The Website Half Past Human had an interesting article here relating to the theory that the Earth is really expanding.  Here is another article about how the moon and sun affected the earth this past month.  Not only was there a major solar event this past week, but the Moon is at the closest point to the earth it has been since 1992. 

In relation to the Earth quake in Japan the Fukushima nuclear power plant in the Japanese town of Futaba had explosions and it has been reported that there was Radiation leaks.  I would suggest that a person makes sure to have adequate Iodine in their system.

With all the things happening of late I thought I would post some links for bug out bags.

CodenameInsight: is a great blog for information relating to preparedness situations. This is a great site for a starting point on preparing for things, not only is the information great but there are many leads to other resources.

Three tier survival bag system:  This is the best article I have read in a while for a bug out bag any system.  The author is young but really has put a lot of effort into his knowledge.

Go Bag?  Why you need both a Go bag and a BOB: A good article on the CodenameInsightblog with some links in the article.

The 7 Types of Gear you Must have to Survive: A good article outlining the basic groupings of Items a person could use in a Bug out Bag.

How to Make a Bug out Bag: You 72-hour Emergency Evacuation Survival Kit:

An article Listing out 34 Essential Items for your Bug Out Bag:

What to Pack in a Bug Out Bag:

This is a Planning sheet for important information:

I ran out of time to get things listed out, but I will post the links to the other articles here:


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One response to “2011W1007.072-Posting of the Day

  1. Josh

    2011/03/28 at 17:30

    I am the author of the article that you linked to about three tier survival kits, and I really appreciate your kind words and spreading the article around. I am bookmarking your site. Have a good one.


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