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20 Mar

Holidays for Today: What happened this day

Abolition Day Puerto Rico
Independence Day Tunisia
Legba Zaou Haiti
Petroleum Day Iran
World Frog Day International


Legba Zaou Voudon

With all the things going on in the world that are making the news at this time, you have to think about all the things happening that are not making to the news, or are being manipulated from the truth.  The Radiation from Japan is one of the biggest events of the year, maybe even of this Decade.  A lot has been said already regarding the Earthquake, tsunami, and the Situation with he Nuclear reactor.  Hopefully with the help of the Internet the history of events will be accurate, but who knows.  Everything is about Power and profit through Deception.    I have been doing some looking into the radiation from Japan and found some interesting links regarding fall out and how nutrition can help offset some of the effects of radiation on the body systems.

Japan power plant and Radiation Issues:

Radiation Network: This is a website showing some radiation levels at stations reporting the levels at that location.  Here is another map, this one generated on a google interative map called: Online Geiger Counter Nuclear Ratiation Detector Map.

Radiation Chart: A chart showing Dosages of radtion and what effects those dosages can induce on humans.

Radiation Basics:

Protocol for Nuclear Contamination:  Iodine, Glutathione, Chelation, Clay, Baking Soda

What are the Advers Health Effects of Radiation Exposure?

Treating Radiation Exposure:  How to Detox your Body of Depleted Uranium With Herbs.

Iodine for Radioactive Fallout: by Donald W. Miller, Jr. MD

Natural Substances to Protect Ourselves from Radiation:

WHO Issues guidelines on Radiation Exposure:

FDA Warns of Drug Scames that play on Radiation fear:

Salt Panic Buying Sparks in China After Radiation Contamination Threat from Japan:

Two Doctors Discuss Iodine for Radiation Exposure:

Unplug the Signal:

Barack H. Obama Elementary to Close:

Was Gods wife editited out of the Bible:

David Ike- Pike’s Satanic 3rd World War: On You Tube

Cell phones are ‘Stalin’s Dream’:

WWIII One Nation at a Time: These are some of my thoughts as well, I find it interesting how the virtually the whole world is at war but each conflict is localized within that country.

This is where the Bottom line is Currency Meldown Comming:  The more I reasearch things the more I find that the current Monetary system which was developed by the Rothchild family has corrupted Evertything in the world today. 

The thing with all the events going on the most Important thing is not be be scared but to be prepared.  It would be impossible to be prepared for everything, if that were the case there would be no problems anywhere and we would be living in Eutopia.  Definatly not the case.

Code Name Insight: 50 Survival Prep Questions from the Japan Disaster: I like most all the things on this blog, he also has a website$57048

How to Jailbreak your life so you can Live the way you Want:

Large Hadron Collider Could be Used as Time Machine:

Did Britain Try to Assassinate Lenin?  This could be an iteresting Twist because from the things I have read both the bankers in the US and in Britain were trying to get financing for the revolution.

Some Gardeing links, After all it is time to get seeds started and get things ready for planting.  Granted its still about six weeks before most things can be planted but you can give things a good start by progressivly planting in larger containers while hardening the plants for outdoors.

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