So you want the American Dream

26 Jun

First off I thought that I would start the night with a Video I like, they are The asteroids Galaxy Tour.  I like their stuff and thought that  I would share it with everyone.

I am going to write a few articles about the way I have seen things in this country of late and some of the conclusions we as individuals need to consider.  This country was built on the foundations of the family using the strengths of each individual…There were no entitlements except for the air that you breath.  Thats it that is the only common entitlement we share, everything else in your life you have to work for…your food, your warmth, your reproductive interests, your family interest, you name it and you have to put work into it not matter what it is.  centralization and collectivism has shown time and time again that it does not work, and it is about to destroy out economy, our money, our wealth, our culture, and potential if we are not vigilant in its protection the very foundations of this country.

Links of Interest:

When the State Breaks a Man: As the dark cloud role in people will find many ways of resistance, and sacrifice.

Policing the Police: There should always be transparency and protections under the fourth amendment

The Greeks are Buying Gold and so should You:

How the Rockefellers Re-Engineered Women:

Economic Slavery:

Synthetic Cuteness:  Another reason we need to get lives outside of the cyberworld, people can no longer even tell who is real and who is not.

Before its News: A good place with various news articles.

J. Crow’s Marketplace: Some Good information and a great Iodine Product.

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