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  1. ARL Electronic Atlas Project
  2. Astrodienst Atlas Database
  3. Atlapedia Online – key information on every country of the world.
  4. Atlas of Canada
  5. AutoPilot – personalized and comprehensive travel itineraries
  6. Berkeley Earth Sciences & Map Libraries
  7. Canada’s Geographical Names
  8. – Information, Maps, Weather and Live Views about Capitals and Countries from around the World
  9. CIA World Fact Book – Countries described in terms of geography, language, climate, economy, etc.
  10. The Columbia Gazetteer of North America – With 50,000 entries, the Gazetteer covers every incorporated place and county in the United States, along with several thousand unincorporated places, special-purpose sites, and physical features, as well as Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.
  11. Color Landform Atlas of the United States
  12. EarthMaps by Delorme – can search by zip code, street address, area code or exchange and by longitude and latitude.
  13. Earth Viewer – Displays Day and Night Regions in Real Time
  14. Earthquakes – Real Time Detailed Maps: Earthquake Bulletin
  15. Geography Map Gallery – US Census Bureau
  16. Geostationary Satellite Server – real-time satellite images provide a view from above.
  17. GIS (Geographic Information System) Links
    · Census State Data Centers
    · ESRI – GIS Software
    · Getting Started With GIS – BY K. C. CLARKE
    · GIS Dictionary
    · GIS – Great Sites
    · Green Map System – a globally connected, locally adaptable framework for community sustainability. Green Maps chart the sites of environmental significance in urban places everywhere.
    · Tiger Map Server Browser
    · Yahoo! – GIS Links
    Google Earth – Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world’s geographic information at your fingertips.
  18. Google Maps – an online service that allows users in the U.S. to find location information, navigate through maps, and get directions quickly and easily. Features include: Draggable maps, Integrated Local search results, and Turn-by-turn directions.
  19. Great Lakes Atlas
  20. HomeTownLocator Gazetteer – Site contains data for 1.8 million physical and cultural features, US census information for 98,000 local areas and distance calculations for 177,000 populated places. Links to aerial photos, regional, local and topographical maps.
  21. How Far Is It?
  22. Internet Map Resources – Site by the Univ. of Texas Library presents an extensive collection of maps resources available on the Internet. Categories include: Cartograhic Reference, City Map Sites, Country Map Sites, Historical Map Sites, State and Weather Map Sites.
  23. Latitude & Longitude of any US City
  24. Latitude & Longitude of World Cities
  25. Locate a county by place name
  26. Map Collections: 1500 – 2004 – Site contains the largest and most comprehensive cartographic collection in the world with collections numbering over 4.5 million maps including 60,000 atlases, 6,000 reference works, numerous globes and plastic relief models, and a large number of cartographic materials in other formats, including electronic.
  28. Maps of the United States
  29. Maps On Us
  30. Maporama – Site provides street maps for fifteen European nations, Canana, and the USA. In addition to maps, information provided includes local time and weather, and longitude and latitude of mapped location.
  31. MapQuest
  32. Maptech – Maptech MapServer provides full and free access to search and view the entire collection of Maptech Topographic Maps and Nautical Charts.
  33. MetaData and WWW Mapping Home Page
  34. Merriam-Webster’s Atlas – maps of countries and US States
  35. MSN – Offers maps and driving directions for a number of countries.
  36. Multimap – Detailed maps of most countries.
  37. National Atlas of Canada – Learn about Canada’s geography through texts and maps; access datasets; use an interactive mapping tool; try the quiz and consult teaching resources section.
  38. National Atlas of Sweden
  39. National Atlas of the United States – You’ve seen other atlases. They’re typically big books of paper maps. The pages in this atlas are here on the Internet whenever you need them. This is a new portrayal of America in maps. You’ve found the single best Federal source for national maps and geographic information on the Web.
  40. National Geographic Map Machine
  41. Office of Geographic Information Services – Bureau of Transportation Statistics, U.S. Department of Transportation.
  42. Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection – more than 230,000 maps covering the world.
  43. Quick Maps of the World
  44. Rare Map Collection – a collection of about 800 historical maps spanning nearly 500 years, from the sixteenth century through the early twentieth century.
  45. Reference Maps – Locate states, counties, urban areas, school districts, places, zip codes, census tracts, census blocks, and other Census geographies.
  46. Road Construction – Rand McNally – Rand McNally gathers information from all 50 United States and some Canadian providences and updates its database once a month. You can search by state, road name, or construction start and ending date.
  47. Ryhiner Project, The – more than 15,000 maps, charts, plans and views from the 16th to the 18th century, covering the whole globe
  48. Russian Commonwealth Maps
  49. TerraFly: Virtual ‘Fly’ Over the Entire U.S. – This site by the School of Computer Science at Florida International University, allows users to view Geographic Information Systems images either by place (longitude/latitude) or street address. A unique feature of this service allows users to view the images continuously and seamlessly, giving the user a feeling of ‘flying over’ the photographed land areas.
  50. Thematic Maps – View census data in graphical format for all geographies from the nation to individual Census blocks. Data are available for Census 2000, the 1990 Census, the 1997 Economic Census, and 2001 Population Estimates.
  51. TIGER Mapping Service – U.S. Bureau of the Census
  52. TopoZone – You can find maps here for almost two million outdoor places throughout the United States.
  53. UK Street Map Page – This site provides address searching and street map facilities for the whole of mainland Britain.
  54. U.S. Address Lookup – Using this site you can verify any U.S. address and get information on the county, time zone, house of representative member, latitude, longitude, income, home prices and more.
  55. U.S. Geological Survey Home Page
  56. U.S. Gazetteer – United States Census Bureau
  57. Windows Local Live
  58. – comprehensive world atlas and geography info site.
  59. World of Maps – Thousands of Maps and Travel Guide Books for destinations Around the World
  60. World Wide City Maps
  61. X-SAR User Kit
  62. Yahoo! Maps
  63. Zoom Into Maps – Maps help us make sense of our world. This Library of Congress site explores maps and how they are used, with sectionsfor local geography, exploration and discovery, migration and settlement, environmental history, travel and transportation, military, pictorial, and unusual maps.

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