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18 Dec



24 Hours in Cyberspace




The 25 Most Popular Top 10 Lists




AJR NewsLink




AClass Communications – “We are a leading provider of Internet Marketing and Promotion”




An Internet Tutorial – Microsoft Corporation




A Guide to Internet Lingo and Emoticons – With just a few keystrokes, you can quickly convey laughter, disbelief, and other complex emotions on the Net. Here’s the lingo you need to know.




AT&T Text-To-Speech Demo – This site from AT&T Labs provides a interactive demo of its ‘Next-Generation Text-To-Speech’ program. Enter some text and hear it pronouced by either a female or male voice in a series of different audio formats. You need Javascript enabled to use this page. To hear the audio output, your machine must have audio hardware and your browser must be configured to play audio files. There is a limit of 30 words per utterance and 40 accesses per day per site.




Bandwidth Speed Test
 – enables users to do a ‘universal search’ for a name, retrieving data from whichever registrar registered that name.




BrowserWatch – Update your browser




BotSport – the spot for all bots on the Net








CallWave: Internet Answering Machine – Hear whoⳠcalling while youⲥ online for free. Avoid the cost of an extra phone line. Instead of getting a busy signal, your callers can leave a message you hear over your computer speakers.




Chat House
 – check to see if a domain name is available for almost every country in the world.




Clearinghouse for Social Sciences Subject-Oriented Bibliographies




Computer Events Directory, The – comprehensive guide to technology conferences, trade shows and seminars.




Computer Virus Myths – Learn about computer virus myths, hoaxes, urban legends, hysteria, and the implications if you believe in them. You can also search a list of computer virus hoaxes from A to Z.




CyberWire Dispatch




Diaries on the Internet




Digital Chaperones For Kids – Are you concerned that your kids will encounter sexually explicit material online? Which Internet filters protect the best? Which get in the way? This Consumer Reports study rates filtering software.
 scoop – “Dotcom Scoop was the first wireless newsgroup dedicated to breaking news within the Internet and technology sectors.”




DSL Reports – DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line, a technology for providing fast internet access. provides information on DSL availability, and general residential and small business BroadBand information.




Electronic Privacy Information Center – This site works to protect privacy, freedom of expression, democratic values, and to promote the public voice in decisions concerning the future of the Internet.




Forum One – guide to online discussion forums on the World Wide Web. Forum One catalogues over 37,000 separate discussion forum topics (‘threads’)








Free Domain Name Information




Free Email Address Directory








Google Usenet Groups




Google Zeitgeist – Search patterns, trends, and surprises according to Google. For both breaking news and obscure information alike, people around the world search on Google at With a bit of analysis, this flurry of searches often exposes interesting trends, patterns, and surprises.




GroupWeb Directories




Home Networking/Internet Connection Sharing – Site teaches end users about home networking and Internet connection sharing by creating easy to follow flowcharts and simple step-by-step instructions.




HotSheet – quick loading, single page, directory of only the best web sites




IBM Home Page Reader – A new product from IBM Special Needs Systems that represents itself as “the voice of the World Wide Web,” Home Page Reader harnesses text to speech software in conjunction with a speech synthesizer and traditional browser software to make access to the Web easier for users who are blind or visually impaired. Navigation is done with the numeric keypad, and differentiation between text and links are made by using different voices to read each: a male voice reads text, and a female voice reads links. An integrated email feature is also included. The Home Page Reader is currently available in a free 30-day trial version.




Info Service, The








Internet Archive – The Internet Archive, a comprehensive library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Includes the “Wayback Machine”, a free service allowing people to access and use archived versions of past web pages.




Internet Cafes Guide – database of more than 2,000 Internet cafes in over 100 countries, searchable by city or country, or browsable via a graphical world map.




Internet Fraud – Info on what Internet fraud is, what kinds of online fraud are prevalent, what the Department of Justice is doing about it (including capsule summaries of criminal prosecutions of Internet fraud schemes), how the public should deal with Internet fraud, and where else they can go for more information (including links to sites where they can report possible online fraud).




Internet Fraud Complaint Center – This site is brought to you by the FBI, principal investigative arm of the U.S. Department of Justice, and the National White Collar Crime Center. The Complaint Center’s mission is to serve as government headquarters for combatting and reporting all types of Internet fraud.




Internet Hoaxes – U.S. Department of Energy Computer Incident Advisory Capability (CIAC)




Internet Lost and Found – Free directory listing for lost and found animals and items worldwide.




Internet Prospector – free email newsletter and Web site which reviews and links to Web sites, offers how-to research and search tips, and offers access and ethics news bytes




Internet Security – “Surfing the Internet can be a safe experience if you know how to protect yourself and your family. This site was created to help get you on your way.”




Internet Service Providers – The List




Internet Statistics – Growth and Usage of the Web and the Internet




The Invisible Web Revealed – Although many popular search engines boast about their ability to index information on the Web, more of it (dynamically-generated pages, certain file formats, and numerous databases) is becoming invisible to their searching spiders. Much of the Web is hiding information from us, but we can still access this hidden content This site offers tools to reveal the secrets of these ‘invisible’ web pages, including directories, searchable sites, free Web databases, and a few general and many specialized search engines.




Law and Politics Internet Guide




Learn the Net
 – “The net’s most comprehensive source of information about the Internet.”








MIT Media Lab




Net Lingo




Never Forget – never forget another important date!








NewsCentral – “The Largest Newspaper Index on the Web”








The New York Times: CyberTimes




Opt Out of Ad Programs – This site informs you about Internet ad programs and allows you ‘opt out’ of major Net ad programs with a few simple mouse clicks.




PC PitStop – Run a free diagnostic test that examines your Internet connection, hard disk, memory, and security settings.




PR2 – Free Website Promotion Course




Personal Pages at Universities




Protect Against Unwanted E-mail – Free four-part guide from CNet can help users cut down the never-ending flow of spam (unsolicited E-mail) to their in-boxes. Topics covered include prevention, evasion, spam blocking services and programs, and how to report offenders.




Ready Reference Collection – the Internet Public Library




Real-time E-mail Machine Translation – Free service translates e-mail among English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese languages.




The Revolutionaries – interviews with 18 of Silicon Valley’s pioneers and visionaries.




SafeSurf Home Page




Self-Directed Learning: Suite 101 – “An Online Publishing Community of Real People Helping Real People.”








SiteSys – Advertising, web developer, publishing, marketing.




Spam Fighting Toolkit – Fighting the never ending tide of spam mail can turn into a very frustrating experience if you don’t know the real tricks of the trade. This site provides and overview of resources that will aid you in effectively combatting unsolicited E-mail, showing you the possibilities (and, alas, the limits!) of your endeavor.




Top Ten Dot Cons – The Federal Trade Commission warns con artists have gone high-tech, using new technology to peddle traditional scams. Scam artists can be just a click away.




UCLA Internet Report: Surveying the Digital Future – This long-term study designed by the UCLA Center for Communication Policy aims to explore the evolution of the Internet and its effect on ordinary people.




Urban Legends & Myths – extensive collection that is searchable by subject.








Webliography: A Guide to Internet Resources




Web Statistics – Courtesy of




Welcome to the Web Essential Links




Where Did They Go? – a database that documents when people or companies change their name, address, phone number, email account, or URL.




Who Is – InterNIC – The InterNIC’s Whois service provides a way of finding e-mail addresses, postal addresses and telephone numbers of those who have registered “objects” with the InterNIC. Using Whois, you can also determine whether the domain name you desire is already in use; you can learn who administers a particular site; and you can view a list of a site’s name servers.




WhoWhere? – People and Organization Search Service




Windweaver – search resources, guides, reviews etc




World Email Directory – A worldwide online search engine for email addresses, URL, personal and business profiles. The WED has built-in solutions for unsolicited email reduction and the service is free.




World Wide Web FAQ




World Wide Web for Dummies




Worst of the Web




Writing Web Documents – My Virtual Reference Desk




Yahoo! Buzz Index – Ever wonder about what users use and search on while surfing? With this new site, you can track the top subjects of daily searches at Yahoo! in five categories: television, sports, music, movies, and overall.




Yahoo! Classifieds




ZD Net


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