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18 Dec




Academy of Achievement – “extraordinary individuals who have shaped the twentieth century.”




American Sign Language Browser – QuickTime clips are used to demonstrate the signs for various words in this excellent site from Michigan State University’s Comm Tech Lab. Each sign is also accompanied by a brief verbal comment.




American Universities




Annals of Improbable Research




Antiques & Collectibles Guide




Antique Steam & Gas Engines – engines include Witte, Jaeger, Novo, Fairbanks Morse, International Harvester, Gray Motor and a Cretors steam engine. Take your time and explore our world of the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Collectors, learning about abrasive blasting, magnetos, or buy engines and parts from the Classified Ads.




Ask Yahoo! – What is Styrofoam made of? How many people are there in the world? What are some suggested vacation spots for a family with a 3-year-old? How do worms multiply? Can you suggest any good sites where I can find new cars? Answers to these burning questions and much, more.




Bad Fads Museum – Divided into four sections: Fashion; Collectibles; Activities; and Events; each fad is accompanied by a picture and brief text. For the student of popular culture, this is a fun site about “the fads you wish would stay forever or (never come back).”




Benefits Checkup – Site provides a free, easy-to-use service that identifies federal and state assistance programs for older Americans. You take 10 or 15 minutes to enter information about your financial situation into an online questionnaire. Then, BenefitsCheckUp explains what benefit programs you may be eligible for and how to apply for them.




Better Business Bureau, The
 – searchable database of 15,000 names




Calendar Creator – Create a calendar for an entire year of your choice




Card Games – Rules and Related Information.




Charles Schwab Online




CIBER – Michigan State Univ. – Center for International Business Education and Research




Classifieds 2000




CoolSig – Signature files are a great way to make your e-mail more distinctive. “Like haiku poems, they’re pure expression. They entertain the reader, while saying a little about you,” explains CoolSig, which offers a diverse collection.




Community College Web




Computer Almanac




Consumer Price Index




DisInformation– everything you know is wrong.




Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr. on black history, business, education, entertainment, and more. Each link is accompanied by a capsule comment about the site. There’s also news especially for people living in some of the largest urban areas in the U.S., including Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C




Famous Birthdays




First Verified Walk Around the Earth




Flags of all Countries




Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing




Frequently Occurring Names in America – from the Census Bureau




Gallup Organization




Grammar and Style Notes




Great Buildings Online – from around the world and across history.




Guinness World Records – You can browse world records by category and the Daily WOW, a Flash animated story about a particular world record.




Harris Poll On Line – click in and be counted.




High-Rise Pages, The – The tallest buildings, skyscrapers, tv-towers, bridges, churches and other structures from all over the world




Houdini – Celebrate the brilliance of the rope-tying, chain-wearing, death-defying, handcuff-sporting man from beyond.




How Stuff Works – “How Stuff Works is a great place to come to learn about how things work in the world around you.”




Inflation Calculator, The – adjusts any given amount of money for inflation, according to the Consumer Price Index, from 1800 to 1998.




Interesting Ideas




International Universities




Invention Convention – “Gateway to the world of inventing.”




Jane’s Information Group – weaponry catalogue




Jargon File, The




Legendry Lighthouses – This site explores the history, legends, lore and workings of lighthouses along American shorelines




Magic Tricks – amazing tricks with cups, balls, eggs and other magical stuff.




Marilyn is Wrong! – Herb Weiner, a C++ software engineer, has it in for Marilyn vos Savant, the all-knowing Parade Magazine columnist. Herb systematically pores over Marilyn’s weekly column, searching for errors or discrepancies, which he then posts on this impressive vendetta site




Martindale’s Reference DeskMartindale’s Reference Desk




Mensa Home Page, The




Mensa Workout – This quiz is provided for entertainment purposes only, it is not an IQ test. This score will not qualify you for Mensa. The questions on the “Mensa Workout” are biased for people whose primary language is English.




MIDAS Consortium, The – Medical Informatics and Decision Science Consortium




Morse Code and Phonetic Alphabets




Morse Code Translator – translates to and from Morse code, and plays the sounds for you.




My Hero – discover real live heroes from around the world




Notice Company, The – site that helps consumers participate in class action suits, file complaints, and check for product recalls. The product recall section is extremely useful for making sure your car, playpens, tools, appliances–and myriad other products–are safe to use. You can also sign up to receive weekly notifications of new recalls and class actions.




Old Farmer’s Almanac




Opinion Polls – listing of all major public opinion polls




Parliamentary Procedure – site provides basic instruction on important topics in Parliamentary Procedure, an opportunity to ask a real Parliamentarian questions, and a Q&A section.




Patent Cafe – Comprehensive site for patent and invention resources. Includes links to how-to information, patent searching, invention groups, government agencies, and international inventors.




Princeton Review, The – College Test Preparation




Public Agenda Online – provides eighteen issue guides that cover topics such as crime, education, environment, immigration, social security, and welfare. Each issue guide contains an overview of the issue, a news digest of recent stories, background data, various perspectives on the issue, resources for more information, and analyses of related public opinion drawn from major public opinion polls.




Pulitzer Prizes




Rand – Public policy think-tank




Relocation Salary Calculator




Reporters Network, The – directory of reporters, editors, freelance writers and other news professionals




Restaurant Row – This dining resource has listings for over 110,000 restaurants in 7000 cities in 47 countries. It offers ratings, customer reviews, menus, photos, maps, and driving directions. Reservations can be made online.




Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey – the greatest show online.




Robert’s Rules of Order -Official Web Site




Rulers – Large listing of heads of state




Seeing Eye, The – site of a New Jersey guide dog school founded in 1929. The site includes a database of dog guide laws in Canada and the US, full-text books and articles about seeing eye dogs, and canine care guidelines from the Seeing Eye school’s veterinarian.




Tripod – “Tools for Living”




Universal Currency Converter, The




Universal Shipping Calculator – site calculates the cost of shipping your packages nationwide and worldwide from the United States. To calculate, enter the zip code of the origin, the destination, and the weight and dimensions of the package.




U.S. Mint – The U.S. Mint celebrates the American Numismatics Association’s observation of National Coin Week. Including a new, more-interactive home page design highlighting the agency’s 50 State Quarters Program.




U.S. National Debt Clock




Vintage Calculators – history of calculating devices beginning 5000 years ago with the abacus and continuing to the invention of the electronic calculator. Includes a drawing or photo of each device along with an explanation of how it works and who invented it.




Useless Facts – “Useless information at your fingertips.”




World’s Most Wanted Criminals



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