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18 Dec

Cern Truth



July 8th, 2010

Todays interest is Philippine Coins and I was able to find a few interesting links.


July 6th,2010 an open source website



July 4th, 2010

Today I found a good listing of sites today.  Most are relating to preparedness.

How to Survive Library

Marc and Angel Hack Like-A blog where “Practical Tips for Productive living.”  I really liked the post 50-things-everyone-should-know-how-to-do.

Modern Survival Online 

the_frontier_diet_the_proven_h.html–  A posting on the Survival blog website for some trail old hiking trail foods.

Backyard Chickens I have always wanted to try rasing some chickens to I will be doing some reading here now that I have a resource.

Steal This Book, by Abbie Hoffman

FEMA Planning manual

Earth Mountainview a website with some links relating to survival including Companion Planting

How to make Charcoal

The Most Uesful Rope knots for the Average person

Great Lakes Lightweight Backpacking for Suvivalists  I am reading this part now has some interesting reviews and recomendations on its webiste.







        Password Card



 I should have a page up dedicated to alertnative housing construction and simple living at some time.



June 29th, 2010

Here are the interesting links for the day.

sex health guru

Reality POD



June 27th, 2010

Here are some interesting links. some relate to small applications you can put on a usb drive:

how to make skype work on a portable usb stick




June 20th, 2010

I need to get off the links posting and put up som content and Ideas.  Sorry this site is so lame.

June 16th, 2010

I was thinking about this on my way home from work today,  A few years ago I was looking at plants that were good for my house.  I knew a little about houseplants cleaning the air as many years ago I saw a news story about an auto body shop kept spider plants to help clean the air….Anyway to today, granted I live way north of the gulf.  But, what if the levels of Benzene and other VOC’s in the atmosphere were to get to posionous levels….and then say the weather brings those levels north.  Yep, house plants…

Here are a number of articles relating to House plants that will clean the air of your home.,7518,s1-5-82-1379,00.html





June 3rd, 2010

An Interesting find this night, I was reading a blog post on a finance page.  Someone refernced this site but I had mistyped which is about a 13month lunar calander.  Interesting reading about the calander.



June 2nd, 2010

I have taken to the idea of minimalism so here are some interesting links for the day.

Life Excursion

Becoming minimalist

Man vs.debt

Unconventional guides

And frugal travel

Frequent flyermaster

JRH Enterprises


May 31st, 2010

Today, I came across many sites that had Lists of lists. So, this is a list of listing websites.






The frisky

100+ Sites to Download all sorts of things

RT Latest News

Time Magazine list 25 sites we cant live without


May 30th, 2010


May 27th, 2010

Way to much to keep up on getting the final items planted in the summer gardern.  Busy busy busy.  this seems like an interesting site of the day enjoy.


May 25th, 2010

I hope to have some time to get things worked on here again, but working many hours seems to keep things to my never ending need to read interesing things.

Gutter Brush looks like a good system, my gutters are getting clogged all the time, so this is something I just might have to give consideration to. another gear supplier.  I havent found the first aid supplies but other gear might come in handy too.

Zerohedge is a news site offen referenced for reading, so witht this I think that I will be adding it to my daily read links to the right.

This Lady on You tube is HOT, Her name is Heather and this is her Vlog

Jerome Corsi’s Red Alert

National Dream Center Database now this seems like a very interesting site.


May 25th, 2010


May 20th, 2010

101 questions for congress critters

P90X workout

TRX workout


May 19th, 2010

Not much time to put up here, but here a few interesting links from news readings.


Modern stronghold


Free Gold Money Report

24 H



May 17th, 2010

A link to an informative reading, by Lindsay Williams Titled The Energy Non-Crisis


Art Bell with Grahm Hancock on youtube





May 16th, 2010

Grow_Your_Own_Pharmacy looks like and interesting book. So far an interesting site, I will be doing some more explorining on this site to see what its about.

Yet another book list

Find A Spring A google map of naturally occuring spring waters.

A great site The survival podcast


May 11th, 2010



May 9th, 2010

I have liked the quality of products from Spec Ops, T.H.E Wallet is an american made product that I have been very happy with so today I ordered T.H.E. Checkbook Wallet.  There products are American made so I would suggest checking them out.


A few sites of interest for the day.

I have not yet used Streichers yet for any purchases so I cannot yet recomend them.  But, they are in the region and as I try to make more purchases locally this may be a place I can do business with.

Here is another local supplier of adventure gear Blue Line Gear.


American Office Advantate LLC


May 3rd, 2010

Well I was able to get a few things cleaned up on here but I still have a long way to go to get this page back up to par.  Two links of interest today, both relating to train rides.

May 2nd, 2010


Some interesting links for the day.  I still havent had much time to be on here so it will be awhile before things get fixed.


April 20th 2010


I hope to get things fixed here at some point soon. I dont know what happened a few weeks ago but things really got messed up.



April 4th, 2010


I would like to wish everyone a Blessed Easter.  Nothing much to do here today other then the little things I came up with.  Most of my time was on Petfinder checking out the dogs.  I had a post it note in my planner for quiet awhile now, not sure how long but its its a place with Domesticly made goods.  I believe in trade, but I think that each country should employee there own citizens to manufacture most of there goods.


I found a site that seems interesting for real estate needs, not an endorsement but seems promising for my needs.


George Ure of Independence Journal was on Coast to Coast AM hosted by George Norry with Cliff High from Web Bot Project on current predicitve projections, here is a summary of what was said and links to youtube sections of the show






 Gear Store

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