Science Information Resources

18 Dec


109 – Provided by chemsoc, the chemistry societies network, this new site offers an attractive and informative visual interpretation of the periodic table.


19th Century Scientific American Online


ABAG Earthquake Maps and Information


Abacus, The – Instructions on how to use a real abacus, and a chance to play with the online Java model.


Abbreviations of Chemical Compounds – Searchable Index


About Rainbows – A detailed explanation of rainbows, complete with diagrams. Included are a few proverbs about rainbows as well as ways for teachers to demonstrate them in a classroom. Information is cited as to its source with appropriate links.


All Species – On September 18-19, 2000, 40 scientists and professionals from around the world met at the California Academy of Sciences to establish ALL Species, a new organization that is attempting to catalog every living species on earth within one generation (25 years). A complete inventory of all species on our planet will greatly enhance our capacity to conserve essential biodiversity. This survey, which will include microbes, will enlist the support and cooperation of scientific organizations around the world.


Alive on Everest – NOVA Online


Artificial Life Online


Ask Dr. Science


Aurora Page, The – links from around the world that have information on the aurora borealis or northern lights.


Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology


Becoming Human – Site is designed to teach a general audience about human evolution and the search for early hominid life in the field. Journey through the story of human evolution.


Biology Project, The


Brooklyn Botanical Garden


Cells Alive


Center for History of Physics – The history of modern physics and allied fields including astronomy, geophysics, and optics.


Chaos Group at the Univ. of Maryland – a service of the American Chemical Society


Chemistry – the environment, biochemistry, and inorganic, organic, and medicinal chemistry


Chemistry and Industry Magazine


Chocolate – This special online-only edition of Exploring takes a closer look at the sweet lure of chocolate. Site examines the fascinating — and often misreported — history of chocolate, follow the chocolate-making process, and take an online visit to a chocolate factory. Also explored is the science of chocolate, and find out about the latest research into the possible health effects of its consumption.


Classic Chemistry – The heart of this site is Selected Classic Papers from the history of chemistry, which links to dozens of seminal texts in philosophy of chemistry, the physics of chemistry, biochemistry, and other chemistry topics.


CNN – SciTech


DNA From The Beginning – This site provides an animated primer on the basics of DNA, genes, and heredity. Information isorganized around key concepts. The science behind each concept is explained by: animation, image gallery, video interviews, problem, biographies, and links.


DNA Learning Center, The – a multimedia primer on the basics of DNA and heredity. The Resources section offers Bioservers, which allow for the use of bioinformatics or the use of computers to solve biological problems.


Dinosauria Online


Discover Magazine


Discovery Channel Online


Dive and Discover: Expeditions to the Seafloor – Join scientists as they dive to the mid-ocean ridge thousands of meters deep. Explore towering underwater volcanoes, black smokers, and bizarre creatures that live there.




Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library – EEVL – searchable and browsable database of close to 3,000 annotated useful information resources in engineering – “Here you can find data on thousands of materials, refreshers on engineering formulas and math, and information on design processes.”


Albert Einstein Online


Electronic Emissary


Engineering – The World-Wide Web Virtual Library – site is designed to provide information resources related to today’s science news. It includes reports on astronomy, earth science, weather, biology, and much more! There are also specific reports on earthquakes, eclipses, tides, and tsunamis.


Explore Learning – This site is one of the best we’ve come across for explaining scientific concepts. Simple Shockwave demos help explain mechanics, life sciences, waves, and more. You’ll need the Shockwave plug-in and Netscape 2.0 or better to view the site.


Explorit Science Center


Everyday Science – Site helps you learn about the science in our everyday lives. Everyday Science appeals to a general audience and is of special interest for a family audience.


Evolution Update – News, Feature Articles, and Bestselling Books in Evolutionary Biology; especially for students and teachers of biology.


Extreme Science – provides pictures, short informational paragraphs, types of scientists who study these phenomena, and where to go for more information.


Forensic Science Society


Franklin Institute Science Museum


Galileo Project, The – learn all about Galileo’s life and times


Gene Map of the Human Genome – shows the chromosome location of over 16,000 human genes with links to the underlying sequence and map data.


Genetically Modified Crops: Resource Guide – The goal of this web site is to provide balanced information and links to other resources on the technology and issues surrounding transgenic crops (also known as genetically modified crops). The site’s authors are engaged in plant genetics research and teaching at Colorado State University. – This site offers links to popular topics in Geology and earth sciences. Satellite images, job information, geology dictionary, geology news and tools. Features include: an Earth Science dictionary of over 500 terms; printable geologic time scale; printable mineral identification chart; directory for jobs and careers in Earth Science; over 200 satellite images of cities, states, and countries.


Geologic Ages of Earth History – table denotes when dinosaurs existed, and may be downloaded as an Excel worksheet.


Geologylink – daily geo-news updates, discussion forums, an expansive directory of links, virtual field trips, geology classes, and a glossary.


Global Volcanism Program


Glossary of Mathematical Mistakes


Government Science Portal – This site by is a gateway to authoritative selected science information provided by U.S. Government agencies, including research and development results. Explore selected Web sites by topics ranging from Agriculture & Food to Science Education.


Handbook of Forensic Sciences – FBI – The purpose of the Handbook of Forensic Services is to provide guidance and procedures for safe and efficient methods of collecting and preserving evidence and to describe the forensic examinations performed by the FBI Laboratory.


History of Science Museum


History of Mathematics Home Page


How Volcanoes Work – This website is an educational resource that describes the science behind volcanoes and volcanic processes.


HubbleSite News Center


Hubble Space Telescope Home Page – Space Telescope Science Institute


Human Genome Project Information


IEEE Home Page


IEEE Standards & Links – Abbreviation of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer, the IEEE is an organization composed of engineers, scientists, and students. The IEEE is best know for developing standards for the computer and electronics industry. – site focusing on civil engineering knowledge and technology.




The Integrator


Interactive Statistical Calculaton Pages – “The web pages listed here comprise a powerful, conveniently-accessible, and FREE multi-platform statistical software package. There are also links to online statistics books, tutorials, downloadable software, and related resources. The pages are located on servers all over the world, and are the result of much cleverness and hard work on the part of some very talented individuals.”


International Standards Organization


Laws List – Laws, rules, principles, effects, paradoxes, limits, constants, experiments, & thought-experiments in physics.


Learning about Photosynthesis – An annotated collection of links about the photosynthesis process. From the Arizona State University.


The MAD Scientist Network


Mars Pathfinder


Martindale’s Calculators – Online Center – over 18,000 online calculators.


Math and Physics Help Page, The


Mathematical Quotations Server


Measure 4 Measure – Sites the do the work for you


Measurements Converter


Microscapes: Images from the Microscope


The Mineral Gallery


Molecular Structure Center: Indiana University


Monterey Bay Aquarium


MyStarsLive – interactive star chart


NASA Home Page, The


NASA – Johnson Space Center – NASA Area Nanotechnology Study Group


NASA Thesaurus


NSSDC Photo Gallery


Nanoworld Home Page, The


National Geographic Online


National Institute of Standards & Technology


National Science Foundation


Natural History Museums and Collections – collection of Web-connected natural history museums around the world. Organized by country.

New Scientist: Planet Science




Oceanography – The US Navy Office of Naval Research presents this science and technology site with a focus on ocean facts and information. Learn about waves, tides, currents, habitats, marine mammals and more.


On The Ball: Scientific American Frontiers – Read about the ways that today’s technology can give athletes an edge, aid officials, and enhance the spectator’s experience of the game on this companion site to the PBS special ‘On The Ball.’


Particle Adventure, The – Site allows you to explore the world of fundamental particles and forces and then to investigate the experimental evidence and techniques.


Pfizer Fun Zone – science-oriented games, experiments and other resources designed to appeal to kids of all ages, as well as their parents.


Physics 2000 – an interactive journey through modern physics.


Physics for Free – This site contains two free books by Emeritus Professor Frank Firk, former Chairman of the Department of Physics and Master of Trumbull College, Yale University. The first, Essential Physics 1, is an intensive introduction for potential Physics majors. The second, Introduction to Groups, Invariants & Particles, is a book for Seniors and advanced Juniors, majoring in the Physical Sciences.


PhysLink – Physics and education, online education and reference.


Pi Forever – Throughout History several people have been involved in the discovery and development of the mathematical equation known as Pi. Different people will name off the person they believe found Pi but the truth is that it was discovered by many people throughout history and refined down to what it is today. A mathematical symbol which has astounded and amazed people for centuries. Pi is not a pastry or baked good, it is used in math, commonly used to find the circumference of a circle, using the simple mathematic code, PrӮ This site explores the many different facts, myths, and purposes of Pi.


Poisonous Plants Guide – Online guide on more than 100 poisonous plants. Information on each plant includes common and botanic name; color photograph; description; habitat; animals (including people) affected; toxic principle; gastrointestinal, nervous, integumentory, and other system symptoms; and treatment.


Popular Science Magazine


Powers of Ten – View the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth. Then move through space towards the Earth in successive orders of magnitude until you reach a tall oak tree just outside the buildings of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee, Florida. After that, begin to move from the actual size of a leaf into a microscopic world that reveals leaf cell walls, the cell nucleus, chromatin, DNA and finally, into the subatomic universe of electrons and protons.


The Probability Web


Profiles in Science This site makes the archival collections of prominent twentieth-century biomedical scientists available to the public through modern digital technology. The collections have been donated to the National Library of Medicine and contain published and unpublished materials, including books, journal volumes, pamphlets, diaries, letters, manuscripts, photographs, audio tapes, and other audiovisual materials. – guide to radioactive waste, nuclear, radiation and environmental resources on the internet.


Reade Advanced Materials Supersite – reference information relating to mineral, metal, ceramic & composite materials used in chemical applications.


Research Matters at Harvard University – site provides news on the latest findings by Harvard researchers with subjects listed in six sections: Mind, Body, Society, Earth, Space, and Technology.


Rough Science – A deserted island. Five scientists. Knowledge, ingenuity and resourcefulness their only assets. Whach what happens on this companion site to the PBS special ‘Rough Science.’


SciCentral – gateway to over 50,000 sites pertaining to over 120 specialties in science and engineering.




Science and Technology – My Virtual Encyclopedia




Science Friday – Ira Flatow, the host of the popular Science Fridays radio show on National Public Radio, has taken his program to the Internet.


Science Frontiers – A digest of reports describing 1800 scientific anomalies.


Science Learning Network


Science News – “Science News is an award-winning weekly newsmagazine covering the most important research in all fields of science.”


Science Reference Shelf


Science Timelines – A selection of notable events in the scientific world from prehistoric times to the present, broken down into separate subject areas: Astronomy, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Materials, and Physics. Each timeline contains dozens of key events which have shaped the world as we know it.


ScienceWeek – “A journal devoted to the improvement of communication between the scientific disciplines, and between scientists, science educators, and science policy-makers.”


Scientific American Online


SciTech Daily Review – an updated report of science news and reviews


SCORE Science


Secret Life of the Brain, The – This PBS site reveals the fascinating processes involved in brain development across a lifetime. You will be informed of exciting new information in the brain sciences, meet the foremost researchers in the field, and experience dynamic visual imagery and compelling human stories to help a general audience understand otherwise difficult scientific concepts.


Smithsonian Institution Home Page


Statistical Reports on U.S. Science and Engineering


Sunspots – The Exploratorium’s Guide to Sunspots


This Dynamic Earth: The Story of Plate Tectonics – complete text and figures from this book published by the U.S. Geological Survey.


Tides and Tide Prediction


Tree of Life, The – site organizes, surveys, and displays the diversity, evolutionary history, and characteristics of all groups of living organisms. The great Tree has roots, a trunk, stems, and branches that connect each organism to all others. Coordinated and edited by David R. Maddison of the University of Arizona, this attractive and expertly managed site has over 1300 pages housed on 20 computers in four countries, and is authored by biologists from around the world. Originally intended for professionals, the site has evolved into one for non-biologists as well.


Virology on the WWW – Virology related Web sites that might be of interest to our fellow virologists, and others interested in learning more about viruses


Virtual Frog Dissection Kit


Virtual Lab – launch metal balls and fry electrical circuits to your heart’s content without risking life and limb.


Visual Elements – featuring computer-generated images that interpret the 109 entries of the periodic table


Visual Human Project – U.S. National Library of Medicine


Virtual Center Science & Technology


WWW Links for Chemists – over 3500 chemistry resources in a searchable index


Why Files, The


Weird Tales from New Scientist Magazine


Windows to the Universe


Wonder of Physics, The


Yahoo! – Science Education

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