Things to make you go……wow

01 Nov

There were some interesting stories out there tonight.  This story line always gets my interest, Wanta a Reagan secret hero of sorts who made alot of money for the US Treasury while breaking the Soviets financial back.  This one gets a little more intreging in that its for almost eight times as much money, and Number of people involved in this is mind boggling.  I think that this may have some merit though, and Glen Beck had a very interesting report.  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, is a man when he speaks you want to give what he says a good listening to.


Posted by on 2012/11/01 in Daily Links roundup


2 responses to “Things to make you go……wow

  1. barbarossa582002

    2012/11/02 at 05:32

    I have followed the Wanta story for quite a few years…

  2. barbarossa582002

    2012/11/02 at 05:34

    Have followed the Wanta story for quite a few years…


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