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20110123–links of the day

The first two links are for flowcharting software:

Some news sites that may be of interst:

What Does it mean a News website, layout is similar to that of the Druge report.  I dont know much about this site and I question its validity at points.

TBR News: a small news blog

Free Republic: 

The Intel Hub:

The Truth Seeker:  A uk News site for Behind the healines, Conspiracies, cover-ups, ancient mysteries and more.  Conversations with the Crow

Four Winds 10:

John Loftus Report: Seems to be a site still under construction, I can relate because mine always seems to be under construction.  But, I heard him on the Power hour from Jan 18th 2011 show.  Good information from the WWI era.  Another site linked to John Loftus is the Florida Holocaust Museum.

Above Top Secret:\

13Moon:  A new Calander formate 13 months of 7 day weeks, 52 weeks…and a spare day.  This system seems very simple and straight forward to me, I like the idea.

The Seventh Fire:


20101115-Daily links Roundup

A site with some funny photos.  

Old films are often the best, this review is for the 1934 film “house of Rothchild“.–Anne-Grethes-mange-ansigter?image=0     relating to this article

A unix based operating system to try and an interesting article on Linix tooday.


20101209-links for the day

A website relating to the beniefts of Calcium Bentonite Clay

Life Hacker: Is a website of all sorts of interesting DIY tricks, hacks and projects such as:

  1. An article on free-oldies-catalogs-free-and-abandonware-computer-games
  2. Five Best Windows Maintenance Tools
  3. How to break into a Windows PC and how to prevent it from happening to you
  4. Remember the Milk is an interesting productiviy task tool
  5. Customized themes for windows xp computers
  6. Ten ways to clean up your PC

Win Merge is a tool for windows that matches and merges duplicate files.

A statistical Disk usage program for windows.

An article on the Vanity fair website titled Deadly Medicine an in depth and interesting article asking if future Drugs will be safe now that so many clinical trials are taking place outside of the Jurisdition of the FDA.

 Institute for Traditional Medicine has some intersting information and resources on there website, including this on on the Essential oil Myrrh.


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