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Home Herbal

Here are a couple good post on Home Manuals. I had read about them a few years ago when I was doing some research on how the creation of the FDA destroyed the health of Americans. In the late 1800s and the turn of the century many households kept a house journal or “Home Herbal” with various recipes for there health needs.

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Food storage Ideas

These are a couple of articles from a great blog published by a couple of young mothers named Jodi and Julie.  Hopefully you will enjoy and get some good information they have to offer. and  Check it out and support there site.— this posting is no longer here, but it was a blog entry relating to the construction of a food storage and rotation system.



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Information to get you prepared

Information to get you prepared:
Training institutions:

Midwest native skills institute Although I have not been to this institution it looks like it might be a place to look into.


National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) A school for outdoor survival and leadership training.


Trail Patrol


Midwest herbal studies 


 Online Publications:


St croix county emergency siren discriptions Descriptional meaning for sirens in the st croix county of Wisconsin


The Household Cyclopedia  A great guide for the ways things were done in the early 1900’s


Florida Disaster preparedness guide A Disaster guide published in HTML format from the University of Florida, a good and informative guide



Retail oulets:



Linda Runyon


Wilderness Survival




 Survival Kit Information


Independence Day Information

As we celebrate this holiday of Independence We the People need to relearn the things needed to truly be free.  Freedom does not come without cost, Freedom does not come as an Entitlement.  Freedom like a good Marriage takes time and effort everyday.

FreeDomain Radio:

The Handbook of Human Ownership: A Manual for New Tax Farmers an article written by

Dr. Adam [Spartacus] Weishaup  and posted on website called Breaking all the rules

Family Guardian: A site with some well founded information on freedom.

Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry: Some good information

The Difference between United States of America and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN can be seen on this website:

Looks like a great product to me: Zfone Project

Love for Life: A website with some interesting information. : this site is going through maintenance, it should be done soon so I left up the links.

Free Man on the Land: This is a site that is growing, there is already alot of good information there and like others as the learing curve catches up it will get even better as time goes on.

Bare Foots World:  Although Bob passed away a couple years ago, this site is still maintained with some very good information.  From the looks of the site, it appears to be a very educational place.  So far I would have to recomend that everyone give a thourogh investigation.

Food Freedom: a good blog on the wordpress blog site, the two articles below are great.

Top Ten most nutritious Vegetables and how to grow them in your garden.

Grow a medicinal herb garden.


Extreme Groceries

I thought just for fun and games since….Gas prices are stable, Food Prices are stable, and an Ipod2 is twice as cost effective as the Original Ipad, I would try this Extreme Coupons thing.

I have been using coupons for years when I could but I was watching the new series call Extreme Couponing: on the Discovery Channel.

I will start out by using the links to the regional shopping stores:

Cub Foods:

Rainbow Foods:

Kowalski’s Markets:

Festival Foods:

Knowlan’s Food Markets:

Len’s Family Foods:

Family Fresh Market:

County Market:

Aldi Foods:

River Market Co-op:

Nilssen Supervalue:

Nash Brothers Trading Company:

Our Family Store Brands:

Trader Joes:

Now this list is probably now where near complete, and there are deals to be had at places like Target and Wal mart as well as some of the farm stores and convience stores.

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Treating Radiation Exposure: How to Detox Your Body of Depleted Uranium With Herbs, Nutrition, Natural Supplements

Treating Radiation Exposure: How to Detox Your Body of Depleted Uranium With Herbs, Nutrition, Natural Supplements.




Acadian Genealogy Home Page

AfriGeneas – African Ancestored Genealogy – “AfriGeneas provides leadership, promotion and advocacy for the mutual development and use of a system of genealogy resources for researching African related ancestry.”

American-French Genealogical Society – The American-French Genealogical Society, is a genealogical and historical organization dedicated to the study and preservation of the French-Canadian culture.

American Immigrant Wall of Honor, The – The wall celebrates American immigration from its earliest beginnings until today, and soon even more names will be added.

Ancestral Findings – Birth, Census, Death, Land, Marriage, Military, Passenger, Immigration Lists and State Records Indexes and a chat room. – search 240 million names in 1630 databases

Ancestry Search – An Interactive Directory of over 400 Genealogy Surname Search Engines.

Ancestry’s Social Security Death Index

Australian Family History Compendium   – Extensive collection of links concerning Australian genealogy. Includes information on Latter-Day Saints Family History Centres, coats of arms and heraldry, maps, Aboriginal (Koori) studies, and Australian libraries and archives.

BaiCon Genealogy

Behind the Name – the etymology and history of first names

CLIO – The National Archives Information Service

Cajuns, The – site for Cajun,Acadian,Creole and Louisiana genealogy, history and culture.

Cemetery Junction – This site is about helping the genealogy community find information about their ancestors. Thousands of cemeteries listed.

Cemetery Records on the Internet – The site is a resource of burial records and links to cemetery webpages. Browse over 2.8 million cemetery records across over 54,00 cemeteries worldwide online, all searchable. Special collections included veterans cemeteries and cemeteries flooded by dams.

Censuslinks – Resources to help with your genealogy research with a database of 7102 links and 2955 categories.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission – includes personal and service information for 1.7 million soldiers who died in the First and Second World Wars.

Cyndi’s Lists of Genealogy Sites on the Internet – “More than 264,550 links! 254,900 links, categorized & cross-referenced, in over 180 categories. Another 9,600+ uncategorized new links in the works.”

Ellis Island Passenger Lists – Between 1892 and 1924 over 22 million passengers and members of ships’ crews came through Ellis Island and the Port of New York. Now you can research passenger records from ships that brought the immigrants – even see the original manifests with passengers’ names.

Family Census

Family Tree Maker Online

Find a Grave – graves of noteworthy people

Firstmom’s Genealogy Resources and Records – Has actual records as well as thousands of categorized links to other resources on the web and off.

Frequently Occurring Names in America

Genealogy Today

Genealogical Database Index – Contains links to genealogical databases

Genealogical Reasearch in the Former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy

Genealogy Databases

Genealogy Help Network, The

Genealogy Gateway

Genealogy Home Page – Genealogical research tools and an annotated directory of links.

Genealogist’s Index to the WWW

Genealogy – Courtesy of Yahoo

Genealogy Learning Center – Tracing your family’s history is a fascinating journey. This site will guide you along the way by offering how-to articles, genealogy classes and other resources that will help you dig deeper into your family’s past.

Genealogy Organizations – Courtesy of Yahoo

Genealogical Resources on the Internet

Genealogy Register, The



GenSource – Free resources for genealogy research.

GenWeb Home Page – Creates genealogy database

Genwriters -This site is designed to help genealogists begin writing their family histories.

Helm’s Genealogy Toolbox

Illinois Civil War Project, The

Illinois Genealogy – ILGenWeb

Investigate Your Last Name – Site provides links to some of the largest sets of surname data available for searching. You’ll need to enter at least a surname to get results. Find out how common your name is in different parts of the United States and do historical research on your family name.

Irish Family History Foundation – Genealogy Ireland

JewishGen – “The primary internet source connecting researchers of Jewish genealogy worldwide.”

Kansas Interactive Genealogy

Kindred Konnections – “Family History Research Center” – search 100 million names

Lineages – “Genealogy reference library and resource center built and maintained by professional genealogists who understand the needs of beginning researchers and experienced family historians.”

Linkages Project, The – Directory of links for kinship studies and genealogy material used in a university anthropology course – “The Resource Centre for finding that Lost Friend or Relative in the UK.”

London Ancestor – Genealogy & Local History in Greater London. A Journal of source data for Genealogy & Local History in Greater London.

Mayflower Passenger List

Mormon Church Genealogy Site – “ is the easiest way to stay in touch with your family and friends using the Internet.”

National Genealogical Society Home Page

National Obituary Archive – This site offers a repository of obituaries and death records with more than 56 million individual entries on file.

ObitPage – “The focus of is the lure of the obituary both as history and as literary art form. This site is the result of a life-long habit of reading the obituary page, collecting obituaries and sharing the most unusual with a cadre of friends writers, lawyers, actors, educators, historians, among others.” – Access newspaper obituaries and discover your genealogy online. Discover obituary resources like old newspaper obituaries archives and Download free genealogy forms and printable family tree charts.

Obituary Daily Times – Search for over 4 million obituary death dates (full-text obits not included) from nearly 2,000 publications around the United States. Entries typically include name, age, city of residence, source of obit, and death date.

Online Searchable Death Indexes & Records – This website gathers together links to online death indexes by state and county. Included are death indexes, obituary indexes, probate indexes and cemetery & burial listings.

Political Graveyard, The – “The Web Site That Tells Where the Dead Politicians are Buried”

Popular Baby Names – The Social Security Admin. publishes popular baby names as new data become available. In the top 1000 names per decade list, names are limited to births in the U.S.A. Unless stated otherwise, all other lists are from all Social Security applications, whether the birth occurred in the U.S. or elsewhere. Children born to U.S. military personnel, diplomats, tourists, and citizens working overseas are included as long as a Social Security number application is made.

RAND Genealogy Club – This site supports the Roots Location List, Roots Surname List and a Soundex converter, as well as many links organized either by type or by regional, ethnic or religious groupings.

ROOTS-L Home Page – Information on genealogical resources found at U.S. archives and libraries, including the Library of Congress. Includes Revolutionary War and other military records, as well as state by state genealogical resources.

Relationship Terms – Sometimes, especially when working on your family history, it’s handy to know how to describe your family relationships more exactly. This site helps you understand lesser known relationship terms such as ‘second cousin’ and ‘first cousin, once removed.’

Researching Your Roots – Researching your roots can be a lifelong project. With so many records and resources, it’s not easy to find a starting point. While every family history follows a different path, there are general guidelines that every beginner should know. The site summaries these guidelines.

Rootsweb – The website of the genealogical data co-operative offers several different services to the genealogical community, including web-page hosting, search indexes and registries. This site tries to offer links to actual information, not just links to links.the British royal family, American presidents, and other notables. Includes a database and information on doing genealogical research on the Internet. 

Social Security Online – official Web site of the Social Security Administration

Soc. Security Death Index

State by state Vital Records Links – This site has links to every State and instructions on ordering vital record info such as birth, marriage, divorce and death records.

Surname Guide – Your research guide to surnames and lists of family genealogy homepages on the Internet. – Genealogy Surname Research in The United States And Worldwide.

SurnameWeb – The Genealogy Web Portal – The largest surname site on the web, search from over 1 BILLION persons! Now featuring 70,000 links to over 32,000 surnames; and over 2,200 one-name studies.

Twenty Ways to Avoid Genealogical Grief

UK Genealogy News – monthly online newsletter covering all aspects of UK genealogy.

UK + Ireland Genealogy – Comprehensive site covering genealogy and family history in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Includes an introduction to genealogy, information on getting started, hints for working from outside the U.K., a calendar of events, and continually growing databases organized by country, county, parish, and district.

USGenWeb Archives – US Genealogy, census, marriage, wills

U.S. Surname Distribution – Take a look at this surnames database to find out whether your last name (if it’s among the 50,000 most common) is more prevalent in Minnesota or Florida. Helpful for someone trying to determine a starting point for a genealogy project.

Vital Records – This site contains information about where to obtain vital records such as birth, death & marriage certificates and divorce decrees from each state, territory and county of the United States.

What’s in Your Name?

Where to Write for Vital Records – The links on this National Center for Health Statistics site provide you with direct access to individual State and territory information. To use this valuable tool, you must first determine the State or area where the birth, death, marriage, or divorce occurred, then click on that State or area.

Who’s Alive and Who’s Dead – the site that helps you keep track of which famous people have died and which are still alive!

WorldGenWeb Project, The – “The goal of the WorldGenWeb Project is to have every country in the world represented by an online website and hosted by researchers who either live in their own country or who are familiar with their country’s resources.” – genealogy and family member resources

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