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Home Herbal

Here are a couple good post on Home Manuals. I had read about them a few years ago when I was doing some research on how the creation of the FDA destroyed the health of Americans. In the late 1800s and the turn of the century many households kept a house journal or “Home Herbal” with various recipes for there health needs.

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Top 10 Traits of Preppers.


The 22 Books You Must Read.

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40 Reasons for a man to dress well

40 Reasons for a man to dress well.


An intersting article on Forbiden History, a story of monetary policy called The Great Tomato Bubble and other Topics.

Interesting Story on Monetary issues


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Crimes and Punishment – A book everyone should read

Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.– Thomas Jefferson quoted from Cesare Beccaria—a Milanese criminologist writer of “On Crimes and Punishment”

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Some Good Links for the day:

Some good links for the day:




Independence Day Information

As we celebrate this holiday of Independence We the People need to relearn the things needed to truly be free.  Freedom does not come without cost, Freedom does not come as an Entitlement.  Freedom like a good Marriage takes time and effort everyday.

FreeDomain Radio:

The Handbook of Human Ownership: A Manual for New Tax Farmers an article written by

Dr. Adam [Spartacus] Weishaup  and posted on website called Breaking all the rules

Family Guardian: A site with some well founded information on freedom.

Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry: Some good information

The Difference between United States of America and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN can be seen on this website:

Looks like a great product to me: Zfone Project

Love for Life: A website with some interesting information. : this site is going through maintenance, it should be done soon so I left up the links.

Free Man on the Land: This is a site that is growing, there is already alot of good information there and like others as the learing curve catches up it will get even better as time goes on.

Bare Foots World:  Although Bob passed away a couple years ago, this site is still maintained with some very good information.  From the looks of the site, it appears to be a very educational place.  So far I would have to recomend that everyone give a thourogh investigation.

Food Freedom: a good blog on the wordpress blog site, the two articles below are great.

Top Ten most nutritious Vegetables and how to grow them in your garden.

Grow a medicinal herb garden.


2011W2007.142-Posting of today

Holidays for Today: What happened this day

Holidays for this date include…

National Maritime Day United States of America
National Sovereignty Haiti
National Unity Day Yemen
International Day for Biological Diversity International

  Today I thought that I would add a video to this posting, so far it seems to be working out nicely.

 Well, I am still here so I must not have been one of the 144,000 souls to be called to heaven yesterday.    But the weather today could make one think that the days of Armagedon are upon us.  Hard rain, Hail, Tornado Warnings, Hot and Humid.  Anyway, I’m still here and if you are reading this, so are you.  Lets make the best of it. 

It has also been a week now since I learned that I was going to be Minimalized in my job.(ie-Part time, no more vacation, no more bonus, no more benefits).  I still have alot to think about but instead of being down about the changes, yes its unsettling about not knowing what tommorow will bring.  But it is giving me an oportunity to gather my thoughts.  I need to set some new goals, sell off the things I no longer need, Travel to see my Girl friend(something I should have done awhile ago), Travel, and find some other means of income.

There is a band that I really like called Sirenia, and there is a forum for this band.  They are looking for a moderator, so I think that I’ll contact them and give it a shot, anway the forum is hosted on Create a

One of the things that has me concered the past couple months is Japan and the Radiation.  This article has some things of interest to Mitigate the problems associated with the radioactive release.  I always knew the house cat has it in for me, and if you are wondering yourself: How to tell if you Cat is Plotting to Kill you should give you some insite. 

A site that I like to check on a regular basis is Natural News, where there is a good ebook on how to build your Financial safety net.  Could be some good pointers for those starting out in the planning of the future and how to protect the things that they work hard for.

10 Habits tnat make you Happier from fox news.

Where to Find Pick your Own Fruit and Vegetable Farms: is a great site that helps you located locally produced foods and also has resources on the site for canning and preserving what you get.  And with reading this map from Holly Deyo, it would be wise for everyone to learn to garden and purchase what foods you can locally. 

Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin:  They are a trend reporting service similar to Gerald Celente and the time monks, its always good to have mulitple sources of information.


2011W1502.102- Posting of the Day

Holidays for Today: What happened this day

Cosmonaut’s Day Russia
National Redemption Day Liberia
Yuri`s Night International

 News on Donald Trump, his potential run for President and his investigation on the OBAMA:

Reganite Republican:

From the Sandhill news: Donald Trump conducting investigation into Obamas Birthplace.

An Interesting Blog Post from the Citizens 4 Freedom website: Trump uncovers Truth about Obama.

Here is another story of Fema Coffins: this time recorded along I-35 near Kansas City, MO

From Sadhillnews:  White house warns of armageddon unless debt ceiling is raised.  I think just the opposite would happen if they refused to raise the debt ceiling, the people and the rest of the world interested in the financial future of this country would look on capping the debt as a positive first step.

IRS pre-crime: The IRS is looking at ways to predetermine if you are paying enough voluntary taxes.  If your return does not reflect a predetermined level of revenue from you it very well could trigger an audit.

Thermal Cameras show to much: A news report from the local CBS station in Boston.

Sadhillnews: Proof Obama is the manchurian Candidate.

Wings of Prophecy a blog by Glynda Lomaz: Year of much change

Rasmussen Reports:  Daily Presidential tracking poll.

Human Events:  Article titled “Obama: Message Received, I will raise your Taxes“.

An interesting web counter,  I have not yet reviewed what the licensing requirements are so this link is only for reference.

Silver short alert from Steve Quayle: Since this posting I have seen many articles on silver short squeezing, and reduced availability of silver for delivery.

A Financial Crisis in 2012 is Inevitable here:

An Article on Zerohedge: End world inflation, is an article on the inflation on prepared foods usually sold to individuals with prepping in mind.

Here are a few articles from the Civil war times, A man John Surratt was the son of a woman named Mary Surratt.  She was executed in the death of President Lincoln.  What I found interesting about him is that he left the country at the time of the trial and was a member of the vatican guard.  Usually these posts are only held by Swiss males.  This is an article on John Surratt on the website

Did John Cabot discover America?

James Perloff



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