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WHFoods: iodine

WHFoods: iodine.

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2011W1607.114-Posting of the Day

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2011W1504.104-Thursdays Posting

Daily Radiation health links:

I like to search the latest articles from various Doctors relating to health issues associated with Radiation.

From the Natural News website:

Boost Immune System Health the Natural Way:

The Vitamin C Foundation:

Sherry Ackerman:


Movie- The sinking of Japan:

Japan Mulls to Move Capital over Disaster Worries:

Scientists Pussled by Giant Whirlpools: That have appeared in the atlantic Ocean.  This is rather interesting, there were reports as well of large whirlpools after the Earthquakes in Japan.  I wonder if this could be related to the Expanding Earth Theory.

After a Second Earthquake- Radiation Leak in Japanese Onagawa Plant:

Estimate- 400,000 could develop cancers with 200km radius of Fukushima:

Japan’s Nuclear Volcano Erupts:

NHK World News: English edition of a Japanese news service.

Economic Armageddon:

The Presidential Divider:

Obama More Loser thant Leader:

Atlas Shrugged: The movie


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2011W1503.103-Posting of the Day

Daily Radiation information….I continue to look up information relating to health issues for the radiation exposures that are part the Japanese accident:

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Five ways Gardening Improves your Health:

Futility Closet:  Just seems like and intersting Blog.

Does anything supprise you comming from Washington anymore….Debt Jumped %54.1 Billing in Eight days preceding Boehner-Obama Deal.  However, something good could come of this as it was reported to that Budget Deal Guarantees Senate Vote on REpeal of Obama Health Care Law.

Declassified documents show alleged connection of OKC bomb to overseas Terrorism:

China Room to Increase Gold Reserves: JP Mogan China

The Dire Prophetic Actions of the American President:

Max Keiser: Posting on the Silver Liberation Army

When the Saudi Monarchy Falls: Lewrockwell By Ron Holland

Distruction of the Dietary Supplement Industry by none other then the FDA:  writen Jonathan Emord

Looks like the Progressives were able to find some extra votes….as usual in my opionon from thin air.  Wisconsin Supreme Court Election on National Political Buzz.

The Cesium Deception:  Now this is the Article that I have been waiting to see posted.  Read and note!!!!!

Dr Mark Sircus’ Blog:


The Kim Komando Show:

Top Ten Reasons Eric Holder Should not be Attorny General:

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Transform Yourself From the Inside-Out and Look Your Best Naturally

This was a good article that I thought others could benifet from. Transform Yourself From the Inside-Out and Look Your Best Naturally.



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Quantum Balancing

Quantum Balancing: Is a website with some interesting appliances and alternative health related infomation links.


Treating Radiation Exposure: How to Detox Your Body of Depleted Uranium With Herbs, Nutrition, Natural Supplements

Treating Radiation Exposure: How to Detox Your Body of Depleted Uranium With Herbs, Nutrition, Natural Supplements.

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