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Any Doubt That Guns Make Us Safer?


40 Reasons for a man to dress well

40 Reasons for a man to dress well.


Basic Survival Equipment by Michael Ironwolf

Basic Survival Equipment
                      Michael Ironwolf

For the last several weeks we have observed semi-catastrophic
natural disasters occur first in the islands of the caribbean and
South Carolina (hurricane Hugo) followed closely by the medium
scale earthquake in San Francisco. At this point, it becomes
quite easy to place the blame for the suffering caused by these
disasters on the people involved (inadequate preparation, failure
to evacuate) or their government (lack of emergency food supplies,
poor building/highway construction).

As a survival oriented person you have already learned that even
amongst the few million “conservative” members of the population
you are in the minority and are most likely considered an outcast
or a “strange” individual. You also understand that the “masses”
CANNOT be educated into survival. Their socialist mindset expects
“someone else” (authority figure) to take care of their needs.
The very IDEA of possibly having to prepare for a hardship of
any kind threatens to DESTROY their frame of reality and thus
everything they believe in. The government on the other hand, is
in the business of PEOPLE CONTROL. Period. It does not care for the
individual citizens welfare an so it CANNOT prepare for it. The
government system can only react to a given situation. This takes
varying amounts of time. The longer the time, the greater the
people suffer. It is no surprise then to conclude that disaster
survival is a personal choice and the responsibility belongs to
each individual citizen.

In any survival situation, the basic needs of food, water and shelter
must be met as well as personal protection from those attempting
to appropriate YOUR food, water and shelter. We should expect an
increase in the number of individuals interested in survival. In
addition, after observing the lawlessness that occurred in St. Croix
what with the military HELPING the looters, we should also expect
some “SOFT Survivalists” (NO GUNS) to become “Hard Survivalists”
(LOTS OF GUNS). Please welcome them into our ranks. (They didn’t
know any better). This basic list of individual equipment will
give anyone, veteran or newbie, a place to start obtaining the
hardware they will need in the very near future.

The following list of equipment should be considered a BASIC
load and will continue to be improved as finances permit.
Ideally, your “Bug Out Bag” is utilized to provide for your
needs enroute to your retreat site or if relocation is
necessary due to pursuit by an invading army or secret police.

Your personal equipment demands the best that money can buy. In
almost every case this is government issue or contract overrun
produced equipment. Take advantage of the millions of dollars
of R & D the government has done and buy things that will
literally last decades if properly maintained.

            Mandatory Basic Equipment Survey Checklist

3   Bag, Duffle, G.I., Nylon, Type II, O.D.
1   Belt, Pistol, Nylon, LC-2, O.D.
1   Harness, LBE “Y” or “H”, Nylon, O.D.
2   Cover, Canteen, Nylon, O.D., 1 qt.
1   Cup, Canteen, Steel, 1 qt.
2   Canteen, Plastic, O.D., 1 qt.
3   Opener, Can, P-38, Steel or Aluminum
1   Utensil, Eating, Knife/Fork/Spoon
1   Kit, Mess, G.I.,   Steel or Aluminum
3   Matches, Waterproof/Windproof, Survival, Boat
2   Knife, Combat, U.S.M.C. K-Bar or Equiv
2   Pouch, Magazine, G.I., Nylon, O.D., 3 X 30 rd.
1   Shovel, Tri-fold, (G.I. Reconditioned NOT Chinese Import !)
1   Cover, Shovel, Nylon or Neoprene
1   Buttpack w/carrying Strap, G.I., O.D. (Nylon or Web)
1   Sling, Silent, 1 1/4″ or M60 GPMG
1   Compass, Lensmatic, G.I., O.D., Tritium
1   Compass, Backup (Silva or Equiv)
1   Blanket, G.I., O.D., 80% Wool
1   Bag, Sleeping, G.I., O.D., Intermediate (Synthetic NOT Down)
2   Pouch, First Aid/Compass, Empty
1   Flashlight, Anglehead, O.D. or Black
1   Frame, Ruck, ALICE, LC-2 (or LC-1)
1   Ruck, ALICE, large or medium, G.I., Nylon, O.D.
1   Pr. Straps, Shoulder, Quick Release, ALICE, LC-2,(or LC-1)
1   Waist Belt, ALICE LC-2 (only)
1   Bladder, Canteen, 5 qt.
1   Poncho, Camo, Nylon , G.I., (1 req’d., 2 recommended)
1   Poncho, O.D., Rubber, G.I.
1   Liner, Poncho, Camouflage
1   pr. Pants, Rain, O.D. or Camo
1   Case, Map, Assault Systems type, Small
1   Kit, 1st Aid, Parachutist, Complete
1   Stove, Special Forces, ESBIT Type, Small
9   Hexamine, Bar, Heating (For Stove)
1   Carbiner, Steel, Black, (Search & Rescue Type)
1   Webbing, Tubular, 1″ Black, Swiss seat, 14′ long
1   Mirror, Distress, Signal, 2′ X 3″, G.I.
3   Repellent, Insect, G.I.
2   Stick, Camo.,Shades-Loam,light green,Sand,White,Etc.
1   Balm, Lip, Artic
1   Balm, Lip, Hot Climate (With #35 Sunscreen)
2   Bot Tab, Water Purifier (Potable Aqua) (Iodine NOT Chlorine)
1   Filter, Water, Micro-ceramic, (First Need)
2   Soap, Ivory (UNSCENTED)
2   Toothbrush/Toothpaste
1   Razor
1   Washcloth, O.D.
1   Towel, O.D.
1   Can, Silicone, Waterproofing Spray
4   Ration, MRE, G.I., Current Manufacture

                 Mandatory Clothing Survey Checklist

1   pr. Boots, Combat or Jungle
1   pr. Laces, Boot
3   pr. Socks, O.D., cushion Sole or Equiv.
3   Shirts, T.,Choice of: O.D.,Black, AIRR, or Camo
1   pr. Shells, gloves, D3A
1   pr. Liners, gloves, D3A, wool, O.D.
1   Sweater, Wool, Choice of O.D.,Black, or Camo. ONLY
1   Sweater, Acrylic, Same as above, ONLY IF ALLERGIC to WOOL
1   Belt, Pants
1   set Long Underwear, Black, Thermax
2   set Pants and Shirt set, Fatigue, Camouflage, Ripstop
        G.I.Woodland, G.I.Tigerstripe Viet-Nam
1   Jacket, Field, M65          Pattern of Uniform Chosen.
1   Liner, Jacket, Field, M-65
1   Cap, Patrol, Ear Flaps,     Pattern Of Uniform Chosen
1   Cap, Boonie,                Pattern Of Uniform Chosen

               Minimum Weapon Requirement

1   Rifle, Colt AR-15
1   Kit, Cleaning (Rod, Patches, Oil)
1   Case, Kit, Cleaning
7   Magazine, Colt AR-15, 30 Round
600 Rounds .223 Ammunition

1   Pistol, U.S. Govt Issue Type
            .45 Cal Colt Govt
            9mm Beretta 92F
            9mm SIG SAUER P226
3   Magazine, Pistol, 15 Round
200 Rounds Ammunition

Tips & Tricks :

1. The ammunition requirements are BARE MINIMUM. Should you be
   forced to defend yourself, you and your team could eat up
   a case of 1000 rounds in 6 or 7 MINUTES! Stock up now !

2. Always purchase surplus used excellent/very good or contract
   production overruns. DO NOT BUY overseas imports (except for
   Korean Jungle Boots..OK) or reproductions. You NEED the
   tough mil spec construction/materials.

3. Your sleeping bag should ALWAYS be synthetic (holifil) or
   equivalent. DO NOT USE GOOSE DOWN. It gets wet, you freeze.
   You freeze, You die.

4. Water purification tablets should be IODINE based. Chlorine
   based tablets do not kill giardia parasites.

5. Use an unscented soap like ivory. Its cheap, keeps for
   a long time and is a good CATFISH BAIT for fishing. In
   addition, heavy perfume scents can be detected by animals
   in the bush (2 & 4 footed animals)

6. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the new fabrics to make
   like more comfortable. Gortex (waterproof), Thermax (warmth)
   and Kevlar (antiballistic) are very useful. In addition,
   use of silicone waterproofing spray on cammies, boots, packs
   and sleeping bags is recommended.

7. When packing your kit ALWAYS distribute the weight evenly.
   Remember that someone besides an adult male (wife,children)
   may be forced to “get started” without you.

8. The construction of your “Bug Out Bag” is a personal project
   and should reflect your personal needs. It is not a good idea
   to buy a cute little prepackaged “survival bag”, set it in
   the closet and forget it. Remember that 35-40% of the cost of
   that product is “profit” to the dealer. Good equipment at
   good prices can be had at small surplus stores, gun shows
   and even better deals can be had by mail order.

If you are a serious equipment buyer, immediately purchase the
Live Free Report on “Buying Surplus” for an EXCELLENT background
on equipment purchasing. Next time we will discuss current sources
of military equipment and surplus.

This equipment list is an expanded version of a list originally
posted on Ken Segers Survival Bulletin Board 821-2815 St Louis.
Support your survival computer bulletin boards.

For a complete list of reports on preparedness subjects and the most
recent version of “Survival Sources” please send a LSASE and $1 To:
Research Reports  P.O. Box 42003-214  Phoenix, AZ  85080=8A


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Inventory for Basic Survival kit

AMERICAN SURVIVAL GUIDE Daniel C. Friend (March 1990)

                                INVENTORY for BASIC SURVIVAL KIT:

        "Emergency" space blanket or bag
        heavy duty plastic trash bag (2.5 mil)
        550 parachute cord 25'
        9' transparent vinyl mending tape (wrap around flashlight)

        heavy-duty plastic water bag (large heavy-duty ziplock bag will do)
        iodine-based water tablets
        large cotton bandana or triangular bandage

        9-hour candle
        waterproof match case
        waterproof strike-anywhere matches
        2 bithday candles
        disposable lighter
        magnesuim firestarter
        card-type magnifying lens [fresnel?]
        police whistle on lanyard [plastic, not metal]
        stainless steel double-surface signal mirror
        AA or AAA flashlight with fresh batteries
        50' surveyor's tape
        3"x5" cards and pen

        swiss ary knife or leathermean tool
        knife sharpener (opposed tungsten carbide tips)
        small "ignition point" file
        6" sharpened piece of hacksaw blade
        4" extra-heavy duty sewing needle
        6 heavy duty rubber bands

        good quality liquid-filled luminous compass

        clean cotton bandana or triangular bandage (see WATER)
        hemostats (see KNIVES and TOOLS)
        flexible fabric band-aids of various sizes
        insect repellant
        aspirins or Tylenol
        moleskin or mole foam
        Pepto Bismol

        mosquito headnet (for fishing or insects)
        safety pins, 2 large 4 medium
        telephone change
        snare wire, brass or copper
        survival cards

        individual ready-to-eat canned food (sardines, etc.)
        detailed map
        separate first-aid kit, including prescription medications
        small transistor radio
        extra pair eyeglasses in unbreakable case

                                INVENTORY for AUGMENTATION KIT:

        4 3"x3" sterile pads
        1 roll 2" cling bandage
        trial size pack Coricidin D decongestant tablets
        blister pack of 9 Cepacol throat lozenges
        blister pack Pepto Bismol tablets
        Neosporin antibiotic ointment
        extra sefety pins
        6 flexible fabric band-aids

        4'x7' poly blanket or extra space blanket
        9-hour candle
        25' 550 parachute cord
        small disposable lighter

        2 tins sardines
        heavy duty nylon spoon
        snare wire
        mosquito head net
        iodine water purification tablets
        plastic water bag

        spare batteries for flashlight

Information to get you prepared

Information to get you prepared:
Training institutions:

Midwest native skills institute Although I have not been to this institution it looks like it might be a place to look into.


National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) A school for outdoor survival and leadership training.


Trail Patrol


Midwest herbal studies 


 Online Publications:


St croix county emergency siren discriptions Descriptional meaning for sirens in the st croix county of Wisconsin


The Household Cyclopedia  A great guide for the ways things were done in the early 1900’s


Florida Disaster preparedness guide A Disaster guide published in HTML format from the University of Florida, a good and informative guide



Retail oulets:



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Independence Day Information

As we celebrate this holiday of Independence We the People need to relearn the things needed to truly be free.  Freedom does not come without cost, Freedom does not come as an Entitlement.  Freedom like a good Marriage takes time and effort everyday.

FreeDomain Radio:

The Handbook of Human Ownership: A Manual for New Tax Farmers an article written by

Dr. Adam [Spartacus] Weishaup  and posted on website called Breaking all the rules

Family Guardian: A site with some well founded information on freedom.

Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry: Some good information

The Difference between United States of America and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN can be seen on this website:

Looks like a great product to me: Zfone Project

Love for Life: A website with some interesting information. : this site is going through maintenance, it should be done soon so I left up the links.

Free Man on the Land: This is a site that is growing, there is already alot of good information there and like others as the learing curve catches up it will get even better as time goes on.

Bare Foots World:  Although Bob passed away a couple years ago, this site is still maintained with some very good information.  From the looks of the site, it appears to be a very educational place.  So far I would have to recomend that everyone give a thourogh investigation.

Food Freedom: a good blog on the wordpress blog site, the two articles below are great.

Top Ten most nutritious Vegetables and how to grow them in your garden.

Grow a medicinal herb garden.


so much to note!5791174/download-emergency-medicine-manuals-for-free,_Tax_Rebellions.html


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