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04-2014 Links


work from home type stuff, as well as edible plant manuals

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Top 10 Traits of Preppers.


Any Doubt That Guns Make Us Safer?


links  Gota like a girl in a corset: ::

Water filter suppliers: has some good prices on ceramic water filter parts. Berkey water filters and parts

American made packs and other camping gear. or


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Food storage Ideas

These are a couple of articles from a great blog published by a couple of young mothers named Jodi and Julie.  Hopefully you will enjoy and get some good information they have to offer. and  Check it out and support there site.— this posting is no longer here, but it was a blog entry relating to the construction of a food storage and rotation system.



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Some really goood prepping links for today


Interesting posts

Apartment Therapy;  seems like an interesting site a couple articles I liked were some ideas for keeping your place clean, one for the kitchenKitchen pdfhow to clean your house in 20 a day a little each day

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Faith and Firearms:


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An interesting concept in a world calendar, I am a proponet of a new calendar system and eliminating day light savings time.  I like this looks of this sytem but, I think a 13 month system would be better.

A High tech food system Peronin should be a good item to pack in your day pack for extra energy or emergency situation.  An Article from Fast company called 9 steps to leaving your have to job to pursue your passion, wouldn’t be nice if we could all do that.  One way to start out the new year is to keep things organized, and one way to do so is by document controls.  Here are 50 important documents to keep on hand.  This is the latest Gun-Facts now at v6.0

Some other links of interest today:

The Manly P. Hall Archive:

Jordan Maxwell: this is the documents location of the website, lots of great reading.

Secret Teachings of All ages:

The Arctic Beacon Library: Another website with some very interesting reading.

Fordham University: Internet Medieval Sourcebook.  Good info blog

ITS Tactical: Immient Threat Solutions has some very good information on it for being prepared


Great Service


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James Perloff



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